Where to Buy

Buying a Puppy from a Breeder

The majority of people who buy puppies and dogs will buy directly from a reputable breeder. When searching for dog breeders, make sure you look through dog clubs or advertisements for dogs for sale.

Dog breeders are generally the best place to go, with advantages including many breeders offering a form of guarantee contracting to take the dog back if not suitable. Also, breeding has usually been carefully planned and thought through with regard to producing healthy and robust dogs of good temperament. This factor represents a major advantage over "puppy farms" where dogs are bred in mass numbers for the pet market, and the breeder is often looking for quick cash.

Although breeders of show dogs specialise in breeding pedigree dogs, there are also owners who have bred their pet dogs and produce cross breed or pedigree puppies, which can be the result of a planned or unplanned pregnancy. However the pups have usually been well cared for and brought up in a family environment with good socialisation skills, and so most often make very suitable pets. They are also less expensive to purchase than a pedigree show dog.

Buying a Puppy or Dog from a Rescue Home

Rescue homes can prove to be a useful option for seeking the right puppy or dog for yourself, as you will be helping out the under-privileged and needy. Many dogs, both puppies and older dogs, unfortunately become abandoned or homeless through no fault of their own every year.

Rescue homes usually assess the dog's behaviour on arrival and often carry out remedial training if needed before being offered for a new home, therefore resulting in dogs offered being very suitable and loving pets. Older dogs have an advantage of being more likely to have had basic training and so in this respect these dogs are easier to care for than taking on a puppy.

Both pedigree and cross breed dogs are often available at rescue homes, but the dog's background or exact breeding details are not often known. However, unless the intention is to show or breed then rescue dogs should be considered.

Remember that rescue homes' primary concern is to ensure the correct placement of the dogs in their care with a suitable new owner.

Buying a Puppy from a Pet Shop

Pet shops can prove to be another useful option for searching for puppies and dogs. Puppies located in these shops are unlikely to have come from a reputable show breeder and instead are more likely to have come from a pet owner with an unplanned pregnancy, or from commercial puppy farms.

However, it can prove to be risky business as the temperament or health of the puppies cannot be seen, and often little or no information can be given regarding their breeding and background. For those reasons it is essential to find a good healthy puppy, and avoid any future heartache. If the health of puppies for sale at any pet shop, or the pet shop itself, causes you concern, they should be reported to an Animal Welfare organisation or a local authority.