Dog Theft Action Group joins Kennel Club to highlight theft problem

Wed, 09 Nov 2005

Lobby group, Dog Theft Action (DTA), have been invited by the Kennel Club (KC) to share a stand with PetLog on the KC stand at the Discover Dogs event this weekend. PetLog is the Kennel Club’s Reunification Service.

There is a growing problem in the UK of dog thefts and it is hoped that the stand at Discover Dogs will make people aware of just how serious the problem is becoming. There has been much publicity in the past few months about such thefts, but unfortunately the numbers of reported incidences are rising.

The DTA’s message to dog owners is to take security seriously. They have been pleased with the response from the public to their presence at shows and events. They have campaigned to raise awareness of the growing problem of dog thefts at big events such as Crufts. DTA was surprised at people’s reaction from being totally unaware to not wanting to know.

However, their perseverance has paid off as the public are aware of the dangers of dog thefts. Individuals are now contacting the DTA for advice after they have had their dog stolen. Many breeders do not realise just how devious thieves can be. Innocently they will invite people into their home so the puppies can be viewed. What they don’t realise is that the thieves then wait for an opportunity to go back and steal a puppy or the entire litter.

On 15 November, vets, MPs, canine media, representatives of welfare and rescue charities, industry members and police will meet the DTA to focus their attention on the problem of dog theft and to try and work out a solution. This meeting will take place after the Discover Dogs show this weekend.

The DTA welcome those who visit Discover Dogs, to have a look at the Kennel Club stand, obtain information on their campaign and to talk through any security issues and if there is anything that should put on the agenda for the big meeting.

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