Guide Dog comes to owners rescue

Thu, 13 Oct 2005

Chloe a devoted guide dog saved the life of her blind owner, Bob Young who was out walking in some woods when they became separated.

Mr Young, without the guidance of Chloe, fell into a deep ditch and could not climb out. Although he rang 999 for help from his mobile phone, the rescue services were unable to locate him.

When Chloe heard the rescuers calls she ran to find them and lead them back to Mr Young.

Smiling at the memory of what happened, Mr Young a retired 62 year old engineer said, "Chloe’s only been with me a few months but she’s already a life saver. I don’t know what I’d have done without her."

The incident happened close to where Mr Young lives in Cam near Dursley, Gloucester, after he decided to go for a walk with Chloe.

They were walking along a muddy path when Mr Young let Chloe off her lead so she could have a run around. Mr Young used his cane to navigate his way along his normal route. Unfortunately he wandered off the path and fell into the deep ditch.

He said, "I don’t know what happened but suddenly the floor was gone and I was lying twisted on the ground covered in mud. I was starting to get extremely worried at one point. I could hear people calling my name but they were too far away to hear me."

As rescuers searched in vain, Chloe dashed across the woodland when she heard their calls. She eventually led them to her owner.

The ordeal lasted for about an hour, when Mr Young was eventually pulled out of the ditch. He was muddy, shaken but unharmed. "I knew with Chloe nearby I’d be all right. She followed her training to the letter and never left my side until she had to.

"I will still be walking her but I will reconsider where I go, hopefully somewhere in future without any holes."

WPC Tracey Wren of the emergency services was full of praise for Chloe, she said, "She was absolutely wonderful. I said ‘where is he?’ and Chloe led me straight to Mr Young. We may never have found him without her help."

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