Pets will be spoilt rotten this Christmas

Wed, 14 Dec 2005

Cats and dogs in the UK look set for an excellent Christmas this year as owners spend in the region of £400 million on them.

A survey by Halifax Pet Insurance has revealed that half a million pet owners will be spending over £100 on presents for their pets. Approximately 67,164 pet owners will be lavising over £1000 worth of gifts on their pampered pooches.

Overall the survey found that pets in the UK are set to receive presents worth £35 this year.

The odd thing here is that although people want to ensure their pets have a good Christmas, 85 per cent have no insurance for them.

Frances Wright at Halifax Pet Insurance, said "Britons’ love affair with their pets is clearly demonstrated by the number of owners that are planning to play 'Santa Paws' this Christmas season.

"However we would encourage owners to ensure that they have adequate pet insurance, to cover treatment if pets require veterinary assistance, before they invest in expensive presents."

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