The skating dog

Mon, 19 Dec 2005

Toby the dog doesn’t just like going for walks he likes to hop on to a skate board and take the easy option.

The seven year old Schipperke darts around on his skateboard. In fact he is rarely seen without it.

Toby is so versatile that he could join a circus. His talent doesn’t stop there he also pushes a small shopping trolley around for his owner, Janice Philpott. He can push open and close doors and at night time he closes the door to his cage every night.

Toby likes to shake, rattle and roll when he plays his keyboard but Janice does admit that it makes a ‘horrible racket.’

Janice, a pet artist from Wellington, Telford said, "I took him on a dog training course and a woman was trying to teach a collie to skateboard. Toby picked it up in five minutes flat.

"He now skateboards for a bit of fun in the garden, or when we go for a walk in the park. He even propels himself, standing on the board with two or three feet. He enjoys his skateboarding very much, but he enjoys all his tricks.

"He is a very busy little dog. He is also very intelligent and I enjoy teaching him to do things."

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