Dog finds a live grenade

Thu, 24 Nov 2005

A black Labrador called Jake was out for a walk with his owner when he found a metal object in the undergrowth.

To Stefan Bojanowski’s astonishment, Jakes owner, he realised what he had in his mouth, it was a hand grenade from World War Two.

Mr Bojanowski, 59, from Holt in Norfolk was out walking his two dogs said, I kept saying ‘drop,’ but he wouldn’t let go of it until I gently prised his jaws apart. Then to my horror I realised he was carrying a grenade and I felt my eyes rolling in my head. I recognised the distinctive pineapple shape immediately."

He added, "I was absolutely terrified but he was really proud of himself when he presented it to me."

The grenade was left on the ground and Mr Bojanowski alerted the police. A controlled explosion was carried out by an Army bomb disposal unit.

It is believed that the grenade came from an area nearby used as a range during the war over 60 years ago.

Mr Bojanowski said, "Jake only has one eye, is increasingly deaf and a bit unsteady on his feet because he is so old.

"But I think he still must have smelled the decaying explosives in the grenade because he made a bee line for this hedge and then came out with it."

He went on to say "Like any good gun dog, he always finds things and tries to give them to me. Usually it’s a decayed rabbit or a pheasant. This time it just happened to be a grenade."

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