Top dog on the catwalk

Thu, 10 Nov 2005

Dempsey, a five year old hound is the top dog on the catwalk. He can be seen playing the lead in French Connection’s latest advertising campaign.

Brian Brassington, Dempsey’s owner feels the dog is not getting the credit he deserves.

The dog can be seen in a series of photographs walking with a young couple across the street.

Mr Brassington said, "I keep seeing him all over the place. He’s in Selfridges in Oxford Street and there’s even posters of him at Heathrow and Dublin airports.

"Everyone’s talking about him but he’s not getting the credit he deserves."

Dempsey, named after the boxer Jack Dempsey, was spotted by cameramen filming the advert for the autumn collection while he was out with Mr Brassington near his local pub in Primrose Hill, north London.

He said, "I often take him down the pub and he likes to sit outside with some of the locals. He just loves the attention.

"A woman came over and asked if they could borrow the dog. They promised they would get in touch if they were going to use the photographs."

Since this encounter Mr Brassington has contacted an agency who supplies pets for photo shoots for advice. He said, "The woman I spoke to was appalled and said I should have been paid £500 for the day’s shooting.

"She said there could have been problems if Dempsey had bitten one of the models because there was no insurance. But he’s not like that."

Mr Brassington contacted French Connection. They said they were reducing the use of the FCUK slogan.

They sent Mr Brassington a photograph of Dempsey and told him that the matter of a fee would have to be discussed with the agency that filmed the ad.

That agency told Mr Brassington that they did not pay for "that sort of thing."

As a last resort he sent a cheeky email to Stephen Marks, French Connection boss, on the pretext that it was from Dempsey himself. He said "My owner can’t afford to take legal action and he is not asking for the world. Just fair payment for me and a bone would be much appreciated."

A spokesperson for French Connection said no agreement had been entered into regarding paying Mr Brassington for using his dog.

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