Animal charity shop asks for dogs to be left outside

Wed, 19 Oct 2005

An animal charity shop has been accused of ordering a dog and her owner out of the shop.

Sheila Bowen-Colthurst visited her local PDSA store in Portsmouth, accompanied by her German shepherd Tara.

After a few minutes of entering the shop an assistant notified Mrs Bowen-Colthurst that the dog would have to wait outside. The reason given was that the dog would be left traumatised according to the PDSA vet.

Mrs Bown-Colthurst said, "I looked at Tara doubtfully. She was sitting happily being fussed over by an elderly customer. Was she traumatised?

"Instead I was asked to tie her up to a lamp post outside. I was baffled."

She added, "Don’t the PDSA know how many dogs are stolen from outside shops every year? My Tara is welcome in many shops, even in my local pharmacy."

However, Shobby Patel, spokesman for the PDSA said their policy of not allowing dogs in their shops came into effect in 2001. "It was not a decision taken lightly. We do not consider the well-documented benefits of the human-animal relationship are in any way diminished by recommending that dogs should not be taken into busy, often cramped, shop environments unless they are assistance dogs.

"PDSA would therefore wish to assure the person who wanted to visit the Portsmouth shop with their dog that this policy is not anti-dog.

"The charity merely wishes to provide what is best for our customers and for their pets."

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