This dog does not turn right

Wed, 26 Oct 2005

The owners of Sandy the sheepdog are at their wits end. The reason is that Sandy will not turn right. So they have to walk her in a straight line or turn left. Whenever they try to get Sandy to turn right, she lies down and will not move.

Their frustration has led them to enlist the services of a dog psychologist who has so far failed to solve the problem.

One of Sandy’s owners, Barbara Wilcox, 59, said, "Sandy is a lovely, sweet natured dog but she’s crazy. You can’t make her turn right during walks. Left is ok but try to turn right and she’ll sit down, lie down or run away. The vet says it’s just one of her quirks."

Because of Sandy’s reluctance to turn right, a ten minute walk turns into a three mile trek around Heaton Park near the Wilcox’s home in Crumpsall, Manchester.

Mrs Wilcox has now taken to giving Sandy a ride in the car to get to the park. However this involves Sandy being lifted into the car as she refuses to climb in. The dog’s antics do not end there. She makes housework very difficult by not letting her owners take out the vacuum cleaner or the ironing board.

Mrs Wilcox said, "She goes crazy barking. We’ve had problems ever since we got her form an animal rescue shelter two and a half years ago. She had been badly treated and we think that’s why she’s not quite right.

"She even hides her food around the house and then eats it later. It makes a real mess, buts she’s very good with the grandchildren and even babies."

Mr Wilcox, 61, called in animal behaviour expert Dr David Sands. His attempts to help can be seen on the digital channel Animal Planet next month.

Mrs Wilcox said, "Sandy’s definitely got better with the ironing board and vacuum cleaner since she was seen by Dr Sands. She still won’t turn right, though."

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