Three Christmas wishes by Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter

Wed, 06 Dec 2006

Dog is said to be man’s best friend. Despite this, every year thousands of dogs are abandoned during Christmas .

This Christmas the ‘Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter’ has come up with three Christmas wishes so that homeless dogs can be found a new home during this festive season.

The first wish is for those people that are planning to adopt a dog to go to the Shelter before Christmas. This will help animals to get a chance to settle into his new home .

The second wish is for the people to act as a foster owner to an animal, so that the animal does not have to spend Christmas alone.

Thirdly, the shelter is throwing an event on Boxing Day between 10am and 1pm where people can come and choose a homeless pet to provide him a home.

According to Michelle Pyle, spokeswoman for the shelter, said that there are still huge numbers of people that throw older pets out to buy a new Christmas puppy for their loved ones.

She said: "It really is awful. It's almost like they think they can part-exchange their pets like an old car . But these are animals who have become part of the family and who are left heartbroken at being abandoned.

"We're always very full during the winter months because of people continuing to do this, so this year we will not be re-homing any animals in the week leading up to Christmas.

"This is to help teach responsible pet ownership and prevent people from buying dogs as a Christmas present and abandoning them in the New Year.

"If people are genuinely interested in adopting a dog they will come back after Christmas and if they have a word with staff they can be first in line for a dog.

"But to make this Christmas a special one for all the dogs at the shelter we have come up with three special wishes.

"The shelter would also like any left-over meat from Christmas to be donated, to give the dogs a Christmas dinner of their own."

Anyone who is interested in adopting a dog and by providing him a home, then contact the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter on (0191) 215-0435.

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