Welsh Assembly To Ban Electric Shock Collars For Dogs

Fri, 15 Dec 2006

The use of electric shock training collars for dogs should be banned in Wales, said the Environment, Planning and Countryside Minister Carwyn Jones.

He said they were "totally barbaric" and would intent to ban their use when the new Animal Welfare Act came into force in March.

The collars have two metal prongs that press against the dog's neck, and can cause deep wounds, through which an electric current passes to shock the animal for up to 12 seconds. The collars are operated by remote control and can have a range of over half a mile.

The Assembly Government said, "Use of such devices can lead to further aggressive behaviour, especially if the dog links the shock to situations such as an approach by another dog ."

Mr Jones said, "If people keep dogs, they must expect to take the time to train the animal properly and not resort to a quick fix by the use of these collars."

"Using such devices also raises the question of a duty of care towards the animal, which is the core of the Animal Welfare Act."

David Bowles, of the RSPCA, said, "We hope this wise, welfare-based decision from Wales will be replicated by the Government in UK, and that a ban on electric shock collars for dogs can come into force in both countries without delay."

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