Classical music stops dogs barking

Thu, 02 Feb 2006

It is a well known fact that listening to classical music has a calming effect on people. However the RSPCA has found that playing music by Bach to dogs actually helps them to de-stress and calms them down.

The animal charity has invested £2,000 in a sound system so classical music can be played to sooth the nerves of the dogs staying in the kennels.

Anita Clarke, Deputy Manager of the centre said, the decision to install the system was because of the soothing effect of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart on the dogs.

She said, "Music is proven to have a calming effect on both animals and people. It definitely works. It's quieter in the kennels now because if one dog barks when it's quiet they all start but if music's playing they don't."

The speaker system will not just be used to play classical music. It will also be used to play whale music and panpipes as well as normal radio output so the animals get used to listening to the sounds of other humans and animals.

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