Dog rescued from a frozen lake

Wed, 01 Feb 2006

Fire crews rescued a trapped family pet from a frozen lake yesterday.

The Jack Russell terrier raced across thin ice during an early morning walk but was quickly marooned in the middle as it melted.

A warden at the Crowtree Nature Reserve, who called the fire fighters, spotted the five-year-old dog on the lake at Quarrington Hill, Durham City.

Rescue crews inflated a dinghy before hacking an escape route through the ice and rowing out to rescue terrified Treacle from reeds in the centre of the lake.

Paul Elliott watch manager from Bishop Auckland fire station, Co Durham said, "If we had not reached him, I doubt whether he would have survived another half-hour. He was cold and frightened and had he gone underwater it would have been curtains, but we are delighted the operation came to a successful conclusion."

As fireman Andrew Ellison and Ryan Bell rowed back to shore with their unusual cargo on board, Robert Pringle, dog owner just arrived in time to watch his missing dog being transported to safety.

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