Dog accents and mannerisms

Wed, 18 Jan 2006

A new survey is to be launched in a bid to reveal if dogs have regional accents.

The survey is being commissioned by Disney and the question they are seeking to answer is if dogs sound like their owners. It has often been said that dogs look like their owners, could there be a similarity in the way they speak.

The survey is intended to coincide with the release of the classic Disney film the Lady and the Tramp on DVD.

The film’s characters which are all dogs all have different accents. The most well spoken character is that of the Lady, a cocker spaniel. The Tramp has an American twang to his accent and Jock the terrier, has a Scottish accent.

Another key area researchers will be looking at is if like humans, dogs copy each other’s mannerisms the longer they live together.

Any dog owners who want to take part in the survey can call 0800 977 8072 before Friday 20 January, leaving their contact details and a recording of their dog barking.

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