Dogs are a present problem

Thu, 05 Jan 2006

Despite all the festive warnings, there may be some families, which received puppies or dogs as gifts.

Britain's largest dog welfare charity ‘Dogs Trust’ which cares for more than 12,500 animals a year, asks that all new pet owners take time to think about our famous slogan: 'A Dog Is For Life - Not Just For Christmas,' and that they remember it all year round.

The early part of the year is often a hard time for dog welfare charities, as they are under pressure to care for the many thousands of unwanted animals given as presents and discarded when they become a nuisance or the novelty wears off.

"We would also ask that owners make a New Year’s resolution to make sure their new pet has the best start in life, and think about booking training classes," the Dogs Trust said.

Organisations like ours are the ones that have to pick up the pieces when last year's seasonal present becomes this years obligation. So please take that time to train your new dog and make sure he stays with you for life.

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