Its now the dog and phone

Tue, 24 Jan 2006

The latest fashion accessory for pampered pooches is a bone shaped mobile phone.

The 5in by 3in phone will hang from the dog’s collar allowing owners to talk to their pet via a two way speaker.

One model comes with a video camera. This way they can keep an eye on what their dog is doing 24 hours a day.

Should the dog go missing the owner can call the phone, that is answered automatically and tell the dog to come home. If the dog does not obey the phone sends out a GPS signal enabling the owner to track the dog.

The phone is developed by PetsMobility, who say that the phone is slobber-proof and sturdy. The phone called PetCell uses standard mobile phone networks and has its own number.

Cameron Robb, the company’s president said, "People tend to laugh when I tell them about it, then they realise it’s not a bad idea. I also envision the phone having search and rescue, military, guide dog or even patient and elderly care applications."

Beverley Cuddy, editor of Dogs Today said, "There’s definitely a market for it."

The costs £200 and will be launched in the UK this year. A children’s version of the phone is also under consideration.

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