Winter warning from pet insurance provider

Fri, 06 Jan 2006

Sage Pet Insurance is urging pet owners across the country to ensure their pets are safe and comfortable over the winter months.

Dogs are particularly vulnerable in the cold weather, as cold water can freeze in their paws and fur, causing painful ice balls, the insurance provider said.

To avoid hefty pet insurance costs, the insurance company advises such precautions as buying a coat for short-haired dogs and washing a dog after it has been out walking in the cold.

Andrew Goodsell, chief executive at Saga Pet Insurance, said: "The freezing temperatures and poor conditions can make our pets very vulnerable during the winter and we should do all we can to keep them as comfortable as possible."

Saga Pet Insurance offers a life pet insurance policy for dogs starting at 8.11 a month, while a cat's monthly pet insurance cover starts from 2.67.

This pet insurance covers treatment for accidents, illness or disease, Sainsbury's Pet Insurance confirmed.

As weather forecasters continue to predict cold temperatures and snowfall for the winter across the UK, the insurance provider concluded that owners must continue to look after the safety of their pets.

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