The dangers of leaving dogs in cars

Thu, 08 Mar 2007

Causing unnecessary suffering to your pet can land you in court and bieng fined.

Gillian Harris, 38, from Old Amersham High Street, and Philip Bennett, 39, of Bowyer Crescent, Denham were accused of leaving two dogs in a car for over two hours while they went shopping at the Biscester Village Outlet Centre, Oxfordshire.

Both were found guilty at Biscester Magistrates Court of leaving Tara, a Doberman and Coco, a shih-tzu in a hot car and were sentenced to 12 months conditional discharge. They also have to pay a fine of £638.50 to the RSPCA who helped bring the case to court.

RSPCA Inspector Dave Braybooke visited the centre where the dogs were found lying and panting in a hot car where the temperature reached 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Police recovered Tara and Coco after two vets declared that the dogs were in critical condition. They were cooled down with water and stayed with the vets overnight.

Mrs Harris and Mr Bennett said that they love their dogs, but they did not realised that it was that hot inside the car since it was a cloudy day.

Inspector Braybrooke said, "Although drinking water had been left for the dogs and the window was slightly open, this just is not enough to prevent an animal from suffering.

"Pet owners have to be aware that cars can become like ovens in high temperatures and the only way to avoid your pet suffering is to avoid leaving them in a car in hot weather."

The chairman of the magistrates, appreciated the work done by the RSPCA and helped to rescue the dogs and added that the public must be aware of the danger of leaving their dogs in the cars.

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