Mourinho arrested under Animal Health Act

Wed, 16 May 2007

Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has been arrested and cautioned under alleged offences relating to the Animal Health Act of 1981 and the Rabies Order of 1974.

According to a report, officers attended Mr. Mourinho’s house looking to place his pet Yorkshire terrier into quarantine after suspicions of the dog being taken abroad and then returning to the UK without having had the necessary vaccinations.

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said, "A man was arrested on suspicion of obstructing police. He was later cautioned."

According to the Animal Health Act 1981, offenders can receive a maximum one year jail term and dogs can be seized and even destroyed.

In February 2002 The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) was introduced to ease the transport burden of pets travelling between EU countries.

The pre-PETS system was deemed too harsh as it did not provide a fair assessment to detect the possibility of dogs carrying the rabies virus.

Dr Debby Reynolds, the government's chief veterinary officer, believes that the current system is more than what is needed to keep the UK rabies-free.

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