Northamptonshire Police Recruit Specialist Drug Sniffer Dog

Tue, 27 May 2008

Northampton’s police force have recruited a sniffer dog in an attempt to crack down on the presence of drugs in the town. This week is Tackling Drugs Week across the country with the use of a sniffer dog just one of many methods that have previously proved successful in eliminating drugs. The specialist sniffer dog and its handler will be sent to busy areas to check people for drugs. If the dog smells drugs, the police have grounds to stop and search that person.

Northamptonshire Police Sergeant Sally Trattle voiced her and her colleague’s determination to eradicate drugs from the area, and believes that the sniffer dog operation will send a strong message to people that they are taking a risk by carrying drugs given the force’s active approach in trying to catch them. Sergeant Trattle identified the mix of drink and drugs on busy nights as a prime time for anti-social behaviour, with drug users sometimes having to commit crimes to fund their habit.

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