Private Sniffer Dog Service Launched for Untrusting Parents

Fri, 24 Oct 2008

American company Sniff Dogs are offering parents the change to hire retired police sniffer dogs to check their teenager’s bedrooms for illegal substances. The highly trained dogs are able to detect illegal drugs and can smell marijuana from up to 5 metres away. The dogs are trained to sit when they find an illegal substance, leaving the final inspection to the parents. The dogs cost £125 for an hour, having been founded by a mother of two sons who was shocked to find her oldest son smoking marijuana.

Sniff Dogs claim to offer a less confrontational service than drug testing, as their discreet search can be carried out without the knowledge of the children. The company have been heavily criticised in some quarters, with some critics claiming that the service could be invasive and may lead to a breakdown in family trust. Sniff Dogs have defended the service they offer, citing statistics which claim that half of American schoolchildren have tried marijuana – which is usually tried when children get home from school.

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