Dogs Trust Prepares for Another Busy Christmas

Fri, 11 Dec 2009

The Dogs Trust is preparing itself for another busy Christmas at its 18 pet Rehoming Centres across the UK and Ireland . It is thirty one years since the animal charity was founded, with its famous slogan Ďa dog is for life, not just for Christmasí. It is estimated that 131,400 dogs were given as Christmas presents last year, 1.8 per cent of the UKís dog population. In 1978 20 per cent of all dogs were given as gifts, but despite the decline in this proportion, the number of dogs being given as gifts is still vast.

Staff and vets at the Dogs Trust do not enjoy a traditional Christmas Day, and are instead busy looking after the existing animals they have in their care, while coping with the influx of new unwanted pets in the aftermath of Christmas. Indeed, many staff are tasked with cleaning kennels and walking dogs on Christmas Day.

In a bid to discourage people from carelessly buying dogs as Christmas presents, the Dogs Trust Harefield Rehoming Centre has announced it will not be rehoming dogs between December 20th and January 2nd. It will be possible to reserve a dog during this period, but they will not be able to take it home until after the New Year.

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