German Town Targetting Dog Fouling with Drastic Scheme

Tue, 03 Feb 2009

A German town is adopting drastic measures as it looks to identify law defying dog owners. The town of Volkach is to DNA test each dog, allowing it to identify those responsible for dog fouling. The plan must still be approved by the council, though the mayor is confident of success. His one reservation surrounds the council’s willingness to stump up the £78,000 necessary to fund the project.

Town Mayor Peter Kornell revealed they would be taking either fur or saliva from each of the town’s 420 registered dogs . He said, ‘Unfortunately, we have to do it voluntarily because there is nothing in the constitution about a dog DNA databank being enforceable. But we are proceeding and hope to log every pooch. Any person who has trodden in their muck because their owners were too lazy or indifferent to clean up after them will know how distasteful and infuriating it is. So we aim to end it.’

The proposal would also involve having a dog warden collecting dog mess in order to pair the dog foul with the offending dog. Experts, however, have warned that the system may not be reliable. Professor Christoph Meissner, at the University of Wuerzburg, said, 'It is possible that dogs of the same breed could have the same DNA profile. And from that it could be that the wrong dog will be held accountable for the crime of fouling the footpath.'

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