Police Dog Death Linked to Drug Training

Tue, 27 Jan 2009

A police dog has died of a rare condition of nose cancer after sniffing too much cocaine during his training. The trainee drugs sniffer dog is believed to have caught the disease as a result of the effect of cocaine and the other drugs he was being taught to detect. Max, a member of the Springer spaniel dog breed, had been working with Avon and Somerset Police, and lived with Inspector Anne Higgins, who fears the nine year old animal may have developed the disease as a result of his intensive training.

Inspector Higgins said, ‘It is ironic the wonderful organ that made him successful in his work has been his demise. It may or may not have been connected with what he used to do. Up until a couple of weeks ago he seemed fine and was doing well but it was an aggressive tumour. It was very hard to have him put down but we had to do it. I took him to the police station which he usually loved and was his favourite place but he did not show any reaction to being there and we knew he was not right. He was a fighter until the end and always very dignified. He has had a good life and a successful one as a police dog . Just think of all the bad people he managed to put away.’

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