Pet Insurer Warns Dog Owners of Risks of Ponds and Sticks

Mon, 28 Sep 2009

Sainsbury’s Finance has warned that pet dogs could be at harm by catching sticks or even swimming in ponds. There were 26,000 separate pet insurance claims resulting from lacerations last year, with sticks a major cause of the injuries. These claims were worth a total of £4.9 million, with bacterial infections and conditions such as septicaemia a real possibility if a cut is sustained. Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance manager Lucy Hunter advised pet owners to use rubber toys instead of sticks to minimise the risk to their pets.

The pet insurer also warned animal owners to make sure they know any pond is safe and algae free before allowing their dog to swim in it. Or to be 100 per cent safe, Sainsbury’s Finance advise pet owners to keep their animals away from pond water entirely. With vets bills reaching up to £240 per visit, algae related illnesses such as diarrhoea and vomiting are believed to cost pet insurance providers £9.3 million each year, thus pushing up pet owners premiums.

With one in nine cats and dogs aged three or less suffering from a potentially serious medical condition, according to Sainsbury’s Finance, pet owners are also advised to ensure their animals have sufficient pet insurance .

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