Homeopathy is effective for dog conditions

Wed, 08 Dec 2010

Pet owners can now be optimistic that homeopathic medicines can be effective for common canine conditions, following the recent publication of a clinical study.

In the largest-ever study of its type, the newly published Clinical Outcomes survey has pinpointed a number of clinical conditions in dogs and cats that could be promising targets for future research in veterinary homeopathy . Twenty-one homeopathic veterinary surgeons in the UK recorded statistics from their patients over a 12-month period and collected information from a total of 1500 dogs and 400 cats.

The most recurrent recorded canine conditions were dermatitis, arthritis, pyoderma, colitis and fear. The most frequently treated feline conditions overall were dermatitis, renal failure, over grooming, arthritis and hyperthyroidism. By owners’ assessments, a moderate or major improvement was reported overall for 68 per cent of dogs and 63 per cent of cats.

The authors of the research conclude that a programme of controlled research in homeopathy for frequently treated canine and feline conditions is clearly indicated.

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