Dog trainer launches clinic to improve dog behaviour during lambing season

Mon, 18 Apr 2011

Marco Del Valle, a dog trainer in Edinburgh has launched a specialist clinic for owners who want to take their dogs for walks in the countryside without the risk of them chasing sheep during the lambing season .

According to Mr Del Valle, who is originally from Mexico and has lived in Edinburgh since 2004, sheep bothering is a particular problem in Scotland because of the weather.

He said: "It is so cold during winter that dogs stay mainly indoors and become humanised. Then the summer comes and they cannot stop their natural instinct. It is their natural way to be aggressive and we teach the dog to see their owner as their master and not their peer. Dogs want to chase everything that moves, it is their way and it is my job to train them otherwise."

He added that the problem is worsening and that farmers are by law allowed to shoot at a dog if it bothers their sheep. It is hoped that by training dogs at the clinic, lives of sheep will also be saved.

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