Scunthorpe dogs home celebrates its 50th anniversary

Thu, 10 Feb 2011

This year a dog sanctuary which was set up at Broughton near Scunthorpe in 1961 will celebrate 50 years of looking after stray and unwanted dogs .

It was the vision of a man called Jerry Green, a property developer with a love of dogs who wanted to change the outlook for unwanted dogs, which at the time would have been picked up by the police and placed in the police dog pound. If after a time limit they were unclaimed or unwanted, they would be put down. However, at the new sanctuary they promised never to put a healthy dog down.

Peggy Dornom, Jerry Green's niece has worked with the charity since its inception. She said: "It all started with a dog called Rusty.

"He was quite a naughty dog. The final straw came when he took the washing down. The mother said that's it he's got to go. Jerry Green heard about this and offered Rusty a home."

The death of Rusty prompted Jerry Green to try and help other dogs. After 50 years the sanctuary at Broughton is still open and now there are seven additional sanctuaries in the east of England.

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