Dental care month launched by Pedigree

Mon, 23 May 2011

The dog food brand Pedigree is raising consumer awareness of gum disease in dogs with the launch of Dental Care Month this June.

With four out of five dogs over the age of three affected by gum disease, it is one of the most common complaints in adult dogs . However it can be treated if consumers know how to address the problem. Daily brushing, as well as regular feeding of specialist dental chews are an essential feature of any dental regime.

Alastair Smith, Mars Petcare Director for Specialist Pet Trade, commented: "We’re really excited about Dental Care Month and the potential it has to make a difference to the oral health of the UK’s dogs. Retailers can play an important part in raising awareness by teaching their customers about dental care and encouraging them to make their free dental appointment at their local participating vet . Together we hope we can raise awareness of the problem and keep the nation’s dogs happy and healthy."

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