Funds from a new charity enable Cumbria police to recruit new sniffer dog

Fri, 27 May 2011

With funds from a new charity, Cumbria police have recruited a new sniffer dog called Leo.

Sniffer Dogs UK and International (SDUKI) raised the £1,000 required for the two-year-old Malinois Belgian shepherd dog, who will be used to track and locate missing people and criminals and find missing or stolen property. He will also be of use in football matches and other public order situations.

SDUKI is a new charity that was established in March and its founder, Maggie Gwynne, indicated that the public isnít being offered enough information about the necessity of sniffer dogs for fighting crime. She explained: "Because of government cuts, we are short of these kinds of dogs across the UK. People have just not been told about the situation. Thereís a severe terrorist threat at the moment that these dogs can help with and thatís a problem."

She added: "We are the only charity thatís doing this kind of work, and we are proud to be able to fund the first dog of its kind for Cumbria."

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