Ukraine agrees to Cease Killing Dogs Prior to Euro 2012 Football Championship

Fri, 18 Nov 2011

"We were killed for Euro 2012' said a poster on World Animal Day in Kiev in October.

Ukraine has urged for the cessation of killing of stray prior to the Euro 2012 football championship.

Ukraine has succumbed to pressure from western animal protection groups and is calling for the ceasing of killing of stray dogs prior to the Euro 2012 football championship which is going to take place in the country in summer 2012.

The environment ministry stated that it was stressing to every Ukrainian mayor to build animal shelters instead.

In the Ukraine stray dogs in their thousands have been killed in the last year; they have been poisoned or injected with illegal substances in order to clear the streets prior to the June football championship, causing outrage across the world, especially to local and international animal protection groups.

The Head of Naturewatch, a British animal protection group, said it was pleased with the outcome.

It is not clear though how the ban on killing stray dogs is going to be enforced as the Ukraine has such a huge stray dog population and building shelters will take a long time, in fact many months.

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