Walking her Dogs Saved Meg Matthews Life

Thu, 17 Nov 2011

Simply walking her saved Meg Matthew's life.

Noel Gallagher's ex, Meg Mathews, says that such a simple routine saved her daughter's life as well as her own.

Their lives were saved by as a fire broke out in their home whilst they were out.

She confirmed that they had had a lucky escape from the blaze which spread rapidly throughout their 1.6 million Primrose Hill home.

It took four fire engines as well as over a dozen fire-fighters an hour to get the fire in control.

The ground floor of her house as well as the upstairs bedrooms were gutted.

An electrical fault is considered to have caused the fire. Thankfully Meg and her daughter took their dogs for a walk; it could have easily been a very different story.

It was horrendous for her to see her home razed to the ground; yet the first priority was that her daughter's and her lives were safe.

Meg cannot praise the fire-fighters, Green watch from Belsize Park, enough. Without their fire fighting, nothing may have remained standing.

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