Dog Health Tips

Mon, 30 Apr 2012

We ensure our pets are healthy and active here are some common health symptoms for dog owners to watch out for.

are a common bug bear for owners and can cause serious injury or death to young puppies.

Fleas can reside in your house, so, the best option for dog owners is a flea collar or flea drops, like Johnsons Large Flea and Tick Drops. Should the fleas have spread throughout your home a Bob Martin Home Flea Bomb will clear the lot.

Dogs should have healthy pink gums. If you notice your dog's gums have gone grey or are bleeding that is a sign of disease or infection. If this is the case consult a vet .

Should your dog have persistent diarrhoea it can leave them dehydrated. Check your dog's diet first, it could be too heavy. If so, lighten it up. Should symptoms persist, get in touch with your vet .

Split and bleeding claws are another health concern for dogs. Should your dog’s claws get too long they can split and break, which can cause severe bleeding and pain. Ensure you trim your dog's claws regularly with nail clippers.

Ear infections are serious and cause a lot of pain. You can buy ear cleansers for dogs to keep this problem at bay; they dissolve and help removal of wax.

Overweight dogs are an ever increasing problem. This happens as some owners feed their dogs three meals a day with human sized portions. They give their dogs too many treats and do not walk their pets. To reverse the situation, give your dog a light dog food and combine that with regular exercise.

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