Owners with naughty dogs should seek professional advice

Tue, 28 Aug 2012

People having trouble bringing their misbehaving under control may find it beneficial to seek professional advice.

A spokeswoman for the Pet Experience - which provides dog training and pet services - explained owners should look for help straight away if they are struggling to control their animal.

The expert observed many individuals tend to make the situation worse when they attempt to address the problem themselves, noting pooches often become more confused when their owners try different ways to prevent their disruptive actions.

"A good behaviourist will be able to give simple advice over the phone if they feel it is not serious enough to merit a visit," she stated.

The representative suggested there are a number of ways in which people might ensure they are looking after their four-legged friend as best they can.

From a health perspective, this could include the purchasing of or the setting up of a pet account.

The industry figure explained that while pet cover can ensure families are able to afford vet fees should their cuddly creature become ill or injured, the establishing of such an account - a savings fund that people pay money into on a monthly basis - means households have a contingency in place to protect against unexpected costs.

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