Some owners may overfeed their dogs

Tue, 21 Aug 2012

Some owners may be overfeeding their without realising it.

Dr Patti Patterson, a veterinarian at the Best Friends Animal Society - a US animal-related charity organisation - explained that while some people understand they may be giving their pets too much by trying to be kind to the animals, there are many individuals who are oblivious to the risk.

She noted: "With today's busy lifestyles, I feel people overfeed their pets as a way to make up for not spending as much time with them as they feel they should."

Some people may be handing their dogs too many treats because they believe that offering such products is a way of showing their four-legged friend more love.

Dr Patterson observed many animals are becoming overweight because of the amount of food given to them by their owners.

She revealed more than 50 per cent of the pets she examines are too big, although such problems tend to be more common in cats - especially moggies sharing a house with numerous other kittens.

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