New pet dogs should suit owner lifestyle

Tue, 11 Dec 2012

Animal lovers who are thinking about purchasing their first should consider how the four-legged friend will fit in with their lifestyle before handing the money over.

This is according to Bill Lambert, health and service manager for the Kennel Club, who said it is essential families make time to research the ideal type of pet to bring into their home.

Mr Lambert went on to highlight the variety of pooches available for those thinking about purchasing one, which could be ideal for individuals to find an animal that suits their lifestyle.

He added: "We find that so many people choose the wrong dog and fail to take the right advice and of course they end up having to rehome the dog because they can't cope with it."

The animal expert also noted prospective owners should ensure they have enough time to with their canine on a daily basis - something that can also help owners improve their own fitness levels.

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