Importance of Dog Dental Health

Tue, 07 Feb 2012

The remit of dog health includes even though many dog owners usually ignore this area.

Many vets recommend that you brush your pet's teeth, daily, just as we brush our own.

There are many "dental care kits" for and cats intended to make brushing your dog's teeth simple and effective.

Should your pet have bad breath it is a pretty sure sign of dental disease, including the build up of tartar, gingivitis or chronic infection known as periodontal disease.

Oral health is also considered to affect overall health, so, vets encourage better dental care.

Dog owners can select from various pet toothbrushes and "enzymatic" toothpastes.

Pets that will not tolerate tooth brushing can be given treats with special textures to remove plaque and tartar, or plaque-fighting ingredients. There are other products including wipes and gels which can be placed on the teeth and gums to kill bacteria.

You can also get plaque removing additives which can be placed in the dog bowl.

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