Mother Launches Campaign Against Dog Fouling

Fri, 03 Feb 2012

A mother has launched a campaign against dog fouling .

The Buntingford mum, Carly Howard, launched the Tag-a-Turd Facebook page to name and shame owners who are irresponsible from the town.

Within a week, 80 members have joined the webpage. She is happy with the response to her Facebook page and is encouraging residents to contact East Herts Council to report dog mess.

She is so concerned about the state of her town that she has had to take this measure and finds it totally unacceptable that those with dogs do not clean up after their pets .

Ultimately she wishes to see more fines enforced on dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs have left their mess behind them and wants more people to report dog fouling so that dog owners realise they need to more responsible.

A spokeswoman from East Herts Council states that: "Residents should contact the district council as soon as they see any dog fouling in the area, including the time, place and dog breed ."

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