Fujitsu Provides Dog Health Monitoring Service

Thu, 17 May 2012

Fujitsu Ltd is going to launch a new service later on in 2012 which enables dog owners to monitor their by card-shaped devices attached to their collars.

The computer manufacturer intends to team up with pet firms to offer the new service as are now living longer and are more so facing the same types of lifestyle diseases that humans do, such as, and diabetes .

It is vital, just as it is with humans, to monitor the daily activities of dogs to prevent illnesses affecting them.

The 20-gram device measures 3 cm wide, 5 cm long by 1.5 cm thick; it records the number of steps the pet takes, alterations in body temperature as well as other health data.

You can download the information wirelessly to a smartphone or personal computer.

Moreover, dog owners are going to be able to utilise Fujitsu's cloud computing service to store their pets' data.

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