Dog survives after eating Christmas fairy lights

A dog from Southampton has had a lucky escape after eating Christmas fairy lights.

Surgeons from the PDSA veterinary charity saved the life of seven-year-old crossbreed Charlie after he decided to gnaw on the festive decorations.

Owner Sharon Fay explained this was not the first time her four-legged friend chose to chew on something he should not have, as he previously made a meal out of her scarf – an incident that also resulted in an operation.

Ms Fay stated: “I hadn’t even noticed that the lights had been chewed at this stage but it quickly became clear what had happened.”

The 45-year-old said she had no inclination her pet would prove to be a repeat offender, explaining she has never had a dog act in this manner before, despite owning pooches all her life.

An X-ray taken in the hospital showed the Christmas lights tangled up inside Charlie’s stomach, in addition to a shoelace.

Senior veterinary surgeon Sophie Bell noted that while she has seen dogs swallow all manner of objects, such as rubber ducks and dummies, she has never before witnessed one with fairy lights in its belly.