Owners should not feed grapes and raisins to dogs

Owners should refrain from feeding their dog raisins and grapes, it has been claimed.

Sarah Linehan, a dog trainer and petbehaviourist at the Pet Experience – which supplies pet food and offers animal behaviour counselling – explained that while many people are aware of the dangers chocolate can pose for pooches, there may be less knowledge surrounding grapes and raisins.

These products are very toxic and even small quantities can kill a dog. Ms Linehan noted just five or six grapes can prove fatal if consumed by a four-legged friend, adding individuals have to be particularly careful in this regard as dogs are big fans of fruit.

People also need to take precautions in relation to what their other pets are eating.

Ms Linehan recommended cat owners be careful when it comes to the type of disinfectant they use to clean the floor, as moggies will lick themselves as a means of washing.

This is not so much of a problem with dogs as they do not clean themselves, the expert pointed out, but cat-friendly products are required with regard to certain items such as floor cleaners, furniture polish and bleach.