Pet owners urged to protect wellbeing of dogs

Animal lovers who are hoping to save money due to the current economic climate may be looking to take measures to protect their pooches from ill-health, without having to fork out for vet bills.

This is according to Steven Havers, dog behaviour and training expert at, who said families need to take out cover to ensure they can afford to pay for treatment should their four-legged friend become unwell.

Alternatively, the expert suggested consumers should save the equivalent sum every month to make funds available if their dog or cat is injured or falls ill.

However, Mr Havers also stated that there are a number of measures pet owners can take to ensure their furry friend is fit and healthy for as long as possible.

He urged dog owners to feed their animal raw food to ensure its wellbeing, which can actually be more beneficial than annual booster injections – which infect a pooch with bacteria they are already immune to.

Mr Havers added: “The principles are the same as with us, eat well, exercise regularly and you will be healthy.”