Owners need to socialise their dogs

Owners should make sure their dog is properly socialised to ensure the four-legged friends remain happy and healthy.

This is according to Caroline Kisko, communications director at the Kennel Club – an organisation dedicated to dog health and welfare, founded in 1873 – who recommended puppies should begin the training process following their second set of vaccinations.

In addition, owners should seek the advice of a vet who will be able to determine whether or not the pooch is ready to go outside, with this usually taking place after around 12 weeks.

Ms Kisko noted dogs should be socialised at an even earlier age, however, as they tend to develop their social skills between three weeks and 14 weeks.

“You can ensure this by making sure lots of people come into your home to meet the puppy, as well as other vaccinated dogs,” the expert suggested.

She added people may find it useful to see if there are any puppy classes they can take their pet along to, which is something they can enquire about at their local vet’s practice.