Floor choice is important for dog owners

Dog owners may wish to give some thought to the type of flooring they choose for their homes. Dr Candy d’Sa, animal behaviour consultant and expert witness in animal law, explained hard surfaces can be dangerous for pooches, who might slip and injure themselves.

“Hygiene is also a major consideration – carpets can obviously harbour parasites et cetera more easily, so regular cleaning is important,” the expert observed.

People with different types of pet, however, may have trouble finding flooring suited to all of their animals.

Dr d’Sa explained house rabbits, for instance, can develop sore hocks and other problems if the surface is too hard for their feet.

Another aspect of ownership individuals may wish to consider is how to deal with animal home wreckers.

Dr d’Sa recommended people look into training and behaviour therapy if they are experiencing problems of this type, explaining a reputable and qualified professional is preferable to a veterinarian.

Getting in touch with the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors is another option open to families struggling to keep their dogs under control, the expert added.