Owners need to make their home suitable for dogs

People looking to introduce a dog to their home for the first time need to make sure their living quarters are pet-friendly.This is according to Dr Candy d’Sa, animal behaviour consultant and also a regular guest on Radio Solent, who explained properties have to encompass an animal’s needs.Dr d’Sa noted requirements that need to be taken into account include space and companionship.

In addition, people have to consider the fact their four-legged friends will require a place to retreat to and also must have opportunities to display their natural behaviours.

The expert observed one mistake owners need to avoid is to think tolerance between different animals in a multi-pet household means there are amicable feelings between the creatures.

“Predator-prey relationships should be considered when choosing different pets, for example cats and hamsters or dogs and chickens,” Dr d’Sa went on to note.

While dogs may act territorially in a household and seek to protect its owners, cats need to be able to sharpen their claws and display some predatory actions, while rabbits and rodents should not be denied the opportunity to perform natural behaviours such as chewing.