Dogs require calm environment to stay healthy

Dogs need to spend time in a calm and stable environment in order for them to be able to cope with the stresses of living alongside people.

This is according to Steven Havers, a dog/human relationship expert from, who said the psychological and mental health of pooches is rarely taken into account.

He explained those who keep their┬ádog stimulated and active could face their pet finding it impossible to relax around humans, adding: “This is one of the main causes of behavioural problems, as it creates a very stressed dog that knows that source of his stress is people.”

Moving forward, Mr Havers stated that during the spring months, individuals should be aware of other owners as once the darkness fades and the evenings draw out, dogs are likely to excitedly race up to other pooches and this could cause distress or fear.

Livestock returning to the fields can also make dogs feel anxious and the professional advised that people keep their pets on a lead when walking near cattle, especially if they do not have a good recall.