Halloween hounds dressing to impress

Tue, 29 Oct 2013

Around one million dogs in the UK are set to get into the Halloween spirit this year.

According to new research by Saga Pet Insurance, ten per cent of the country's canine population will be dressed up in devilish costumes over the scary season.

The research found that women are more likely to dress their pooch up than men, with a staggering one in seven dogs owning no less than five Halloween outfits.

One in five have more than one costume to choose from.

Saga Services chief executive Roger Ramsden said: "Our research proves that pets certainly are one of the family, with one in ten dog owners saying that they dress their pets up so that they can feel included in the spooky festivities."

In terms of how much people like to spend on their pet, a fifth of owners would generally part with between 10 and 20 to kit their animal out.

However, one in eight would spend up to 30 and 1 in 17 would happily pay over 30 to turn their canine into a pumpkin, skeleton or devil.

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