Animal stress when moving home

Wed, 02 Sep 2015

Research from the MoneySuperMarket Home Movers Hub, has released findings that it is not just humans who suffer with stress when moving home.

Animals, just like people, can love their territory, and enjoy the familiarity of home. Just under half of owners said that their pets found a house move stressful, while a quarter reported that their pets went missing.

All pets can be affected, although, like people, they may not show stress in the same way. Some become quiet, some become destructive.

But there are ways to ease the process and make your pet, whether he or she is a dog or a cat, more comfortable.

On the run up to moving day, putting them in a "safe room" with all their favourite and most familiar items, and then making a new "safe room" in the new house with all of the same items in will help to give your pet a sense of normalcy.

Furthermore, although they are being uprooted and having their locations changed keeping them to the same routine can be very beneficial and help your pet to adjust. Feeding them or taking them a walk at the same time each day before and after the move will also help them get used to their new life.

A surprising number of pets manage to make their way back to their old homes after escaping, and so it is a very good idea to trade numbers with the people who come to own your home after, should they get a surprise visit from your pooch!

Furthermore, you need to update any details with your vets (or find a new vet if you have moved too far from your previous one) and on any microchips that your pets have which are on databases so that you can be reunited, should something happen or they get lost.

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