Pooch Selfie Kickstarter to help you get that perfect pet selfie

Tue, 29 Sep 2015

A new Kickstarter page has been set up to help a canny, canine loving entrepreneur to solve an issue dog lovers everywhere have encountered.

How often have you squatted down next to your pooch, and tried to take a selfie with your animal pal? Chances are, if your dog even looked at the camera at all, they got distracted within the first half a second, looking elsewhere towards a squirrel in the background, a ball, or even just an apparently interesting patch of air. They'll look anywhere but at your camera.

The new crowdfunded project, Pooch Selfie, have come up with a simple, yet ingenious way of solving this issue; by sticking a tennis ball on top of your phone!

Pooch Selfie is a clip, which attaches to your phone and can grasp a tennis ball, holding it just above the camera. The shape of the clip means that it is reversible, but the holders are not symmetrical, which means you will never have any trouble with keeping your phone's camera uncovered.

As we know, dogs love tennis balls, and the site of one hovering just above your camera should keep your pet entranced for long enough to snap some great shots, while they are looking the right way! Even if they do get distracted, the ball has a squeezable squeak, in order to help divert your dog's attention back towards your camera, and is easily removable so you can switch to a quick game of fetch while taking snaps.

With a goal of raising $7,000, the Kickstarter instead got backed by so many people, that it currently has (at time of writing) raised $19,860! Dog lovers everywhere really do want to get that perfect shot with their pet.

The project is set to be funded on Friday 16 October, so make sure to head over to Kickstarter and pledge you cash to get one as soon as you can!

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