Rates of dog thefts increase

Tue, 01 Sep 2015

Having your dog stolen is a horrible and traumatising experience, but it is a crime that is not only real, but seems to be on the rise, according to figures collected in Norfolk.

The number of canines stolen from their owners in the county has more than doubled, it has been reported.

A freedom of information request has uncovered that the numbers of dogs stolen in Norfolk, rising from 16 to 37 over a financial year.

This trend is supposedly reflective of the national level.

Colin Butcher, the founder of The Pet Detectives Ltd, told the Eastern Daily Press: "Where we are seeing county councils and local councils disposing with the role of dog wardens we are seeing an increase in dog crime... The dog warden holds down many different functions, not just the recovery of strays, and they seem to be the hub for intelligence on missing dogs.

"When you remove that service, many people only have a numbers to ring with a voicemail, or a promise of a call back, and often people don't bother, so animals aren't returned."

Without the dog wardens acting as a link between the councils and owners, not only does it make it easier for thieves to carry out their crimes without being caught when this link is removed, it also makes it much harder for missing dogs to be returned to their owners. People don't know who to call or who to contact when it comes to a missing pet, and often this breakdown in communication leads the owner and their canine companion never being reunited.

If you own a dog, make sure that they are secure and safe. You should also see about getting them microchipped, a painless procedure which can help authorities to return a dog directly to you. It will soon be necessary by law to have dogs microchipped.

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